Make Money With Internet Traffic – Complete Guide

If you have ever looked into starting a blog, running and internet marketing business, or doing a bit of affiliate marketing then you may already know that “traffic” is everything! Without organic traffic your efforts are waste.

If you are unaware with this term, “traffic” simply refers to the people who arrive at your website, blog, or any other online platform. There are a few different types of traffic as we’ll discover later. But the main focus of this article is “how to make money with internet traffic”.

Make Money With Internet Traffic – A Guide To Getting Started

In this guide I’ll be teaching you the difference between low and high quality traffic. All traffic is not equal and by the end of this article you will hopefully understand why.

Are you ready to start getting some targeted traffic so that you can make real money with? Let’s get started.

Make Money With Internet Traffic – A Guide To Getting Started

Make Money With Internet Traffic – Understanding The Basics

Its really important that you get started with the right attitude and the correct approach to making money online. Many people fail to make a single penny, simply because they don’t take a realistic approach right from the beginning.

Creating a successful blog or website takes time. You simply can’t expect to build a website within a day and then have thousands of people turn up the following day. It simply doesn’t work like that. You need to put your efforts to get actual traffic to your site.

In this article we’ll be discussing a few different types of traffic. We have social media traffic, organic traffic and paid traffic. All of which are very valuable and you can make money with all three.

But if you are a complete beginner, its quite important to do things in the right way. You see in order to make money with internet traffic we must first build up a targeted audience. Without this, we are highly likely to fail right away.

Reaching The Right People

If you build a website or you spend months writing a blog, then you would hope that the right kind of people would finally find your content. You need people that are interested in what you have to say. You need website traffic that is going to love your content and be totally engaged in your message. If your goal to make money with internet traffic, then finding those targeted individuals is essential.

Google hold the majority share of all internet traffic at this moment in time. So its absolutely vital that we play by Google’s rules and impress them as much as possible. Google and Bing are the big players and they are the ones who can provide us with the best organic search engine traffic.

But getting organic traffic isn’t always easy or fast in the beginning.

The Difference Between High And Low Quality Website Traffic

Its not unfamiliar for beginners to build a small website and then go out looking for online services that will provide the traffic. There are tons of website traffic providers on the internet, but most of them fail to deliver the quality traffic that the search engines can provide.

Organic search engine traffic is free! And it’s by far the best kind of traffic for your website or blog, due to the fact that it’s so relevant and “targeted”.

The difference between low and high quality traffic is very simple. High quality traffic comes from people that are directly interested in your subject matter. Low quality traffic is the complete opposite of that!

How To Make Money With Internet Traffic – Starting Out The Right Way

Google loves quality content and that’s what they aim to provide. When someone searches for anything online, Google and the other major search engines try to provide the best results possible.

So how do you make sure that you get off on the right foot with Google? Well, its actually very simple to follow the rules. Lots of people try tricky methods of controlling the search results to get results. This is not the way to do it! It’s actually must easier and faster to play by the rules right from the beginning.

Learning To Do It The Right Way

Here at MMOZ, we recommend getting started with a website called Wealthy Affiliate. This is our top recommendation as this site will teach you how to build a blog and how to get organic traffic the right way.

Its really essential that you learn how to properly construct a website or blog with good quality content and an easy to navigate structure. This makes life easier for not only our human visitors, but also the search engines.

The process of building a successful business takes time. Google won’t just start delivering traffic just because you built a 2 or 3 page site. They are looking for quality content, and lots of it! But there are ways that you can speed up the whole process.

Make Money With Internet Traffic – A Guide To Getting Started

The Fastest Way To Make Money With Internet Traffic

When anyone starts searching for ways to make money online they generally want an immediate solution. Making money with traffic from the internet is never a fast solution, despite what some “internet gurus” will tell you.

I believe that the fastest way to make money with internet traffic is to get started with a long term plan. You should at least be looking at 3 to 4 months of work before you give up!

The first thing that you should be aware of, is who you are targeting. You need to be very clear about what your niche is and who would be interested in what you have to say. Social media is a fantastic way of finding out how popular your niche idea is.

Discover Your Niche With This Free Training

If you are completely new to this sort of thing then you might not have a clue about choosing a “money making” niche. But let me tell you, this is a very important step.

Wealthy Affiliate provide a free training course that will guide you through the process of setting up a website (this is free as well) and choosing your first niche.

Why This Training Works And How It Will Work For You Too!

Wealthy Affiliate are one of the biggest providers of affiliate marketing training on the internet. But they are so much more than that. Inside the members area you will discover a whole community where like-minded people like you and me come together to help each other reach their goals.

The training here is second to none and help is always on hand from experts that have been there and done it all before.

In my opinion this is the very best way to make money with internet traffic as it teaches everything you need to know right from the basics.

The best part is, you can get started for free!

What Kind Of Traffic Should You Start With?

Once you have established your niche and you have a good website or blog structure, you can start driving traffic. You can get traffic from all over the internet but there are basically 3 different types of traffic that are most commonly used. These are Social Media Traffic, Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic.

Social media traffic is the best way to get started as you can find niche groups of people that are likely to be interested in your niche. But that’s not all Social media traffic is good for.

Google like to see how people react to your content. Do they stay on the page for a long time? Do they click the links within your content and go onto other pages within your site? There are lots of different ways that Google uses to determine where your site should be placed within the search results. If Google likes your content, they’ll put you up at the top of the page where you will then get “organic” traffic.

Make Money With Internet Traffic – A Guide To Getting Started

When Should I Use Paid Traffic?

Paying for traffic can be a great way to make sales. But it can also be a very fast way of losing a lot of money. There are now paid traffic services all over the internet. Some of them are good, whilst others are terrible.

Google, Bing and Facebook are three of the best paid traffic providers at this time. But when should you invest?

In my opinion starting out with free traffic from social sites and organic traffic from Google is the very best way of determining whether or not your content is performing well. If you are making sales from your website using nothing more than free traffic, then chances are you will also make sales with paid traffic.

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